Sick & Tired : Chapter 11

“What Next?”

Preparation: Read Chapter Eleven This Week
After reading, consider Kimberly Rae’s offer to join The Unhealthy Club. You will find the link at the end of this lesson.

You will also find information about the next book in the Sick & Tired series.

Note: Except for quotes in italics, words in the post are Marie’s.

Thank you for joining us as we studied SICK & TIRED. We have learned valuable lessons and insights from Kimberly Rae. No one understands living with chronic illness better than another “sickie”. This week, we close our study with some important words from our author:

“Wherever you are on this health-issue journey, I welcome you to the Unhealthy Club with much sympathy, but also with a word of encouragement. You can do this. You’ll have good days and you’ll have bad days. You will struggle with accepting this, and even after you think you have accepted it, you will sometimes find yourself struggling again.”

“So here’s my big advice for this first book in the Sick & Tired series. Give some grace to yourself (let yourself by sick, admit it to others, ask for help), and give some grace to others (let your loved ones grieve as well, or get frustrated sometimes). All the gaps created by your illness…let God fill them up however He sees fit.”

“…You are more than your health problems.
God sees that about you. So do I.

Now go look in the mirror and tell yourself:
You matter.
You are valuable.
Having a health problem has not changed that at all.
You are not alone.”

How to Join the Unhealthy Club

Ever wish there was someplace where you belonged, where you were believed even if you don’t have an official diagnosis, and where you were encouraged by people who actually understand?

We have a group of chronic illness sufferers on Facebook where you can write about your struggles, be encouraged, and encourage others. Come on over to the Facebook Page:
Sick & Tired: Encouragement, Empathy & Practical Help for the Chronically Ill.

What’s Next?

We hope you have enjoyed our Sick & Tired study.
Watch our HOPE FOR THE HURTING website
for future book studies by Kimberly Rae.

The next in the Sick & Tired series is
Relationship Help for Chronic Sufferers
and Those Who Love Them.

Topics included:
Chronic Illness Equals Chronic Guilt
Why Did God Do This to My Family?
Chronic Illness and Your Personality Type
Holidays and Other Family Affairs
The People Who Just Don’t Get It
Illness and Your Love Language
Am I Allowed to Be Crabby Today?
What Sick People Wish Healthy People Knew
What Healthy People Wish Sick People Knew

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