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Our Book: SICK & TIRED

Nearly one out of every two Americans has a chronic health issue, so it’s safe to say you either have a health condition, or you care about someone who does.

How do you live with the day-to-day struggle? Is it possible to have joy despite saying no to activities, food, opportunities and parties when you’d rather say yes? How do you explain your limitations to people who don’t understand?

In SICK & TIRED, author Kimberly Rae takes you on a journey toward personal peace. With humor and transparency, she offers encouragement and practical tips for the daily struggles. Find out how God’s truth will change your perspective, giving you strength beyond yourself and sight beyond your limitations. Come along and enjoy, knowing you are not alone…and there is hope!

Author Kimberly Rae

An award-winning, Amazon bestselling author of over 20 books, Kimberly Rae has been published over 200 times and has work in five languages.  She lived in Bangladesh, Uganda, Kosovo and Indonesia.  She now writes from her home in Madison, Georgia, where she lives with her husband and two children.

Since Addison’s disease brought her permanently back to the US, Kimberly has created a series on living joyfully despite chronic health problems.  Though she could find deep, heavy books on chronic illness, she wanted a book that was funny and encouraging.  One night when she couldn’t sleep from her medication, she started writing one!  “I want my SICK & TIRED series to give empathy, encouragement, and a little practical help,” says Kimberly.  “When you’ve had health problems for years and years, you just want somebody to say ‘It stinks, You’re not alone, and here’s a funny story to help you get through your day!'”

Kimberly Rae

We wrote to Kimberly Rae for permission
to use her SICK & TIRED series for our Bible studies.
Here is her kind and generous response:

“Hello, Marie,
What a wonderful ministry you have, and such an important one. I would be honored to have my books as part of your study…I’m sending you LAUGHTER FOR THE SICK & TIRED that you’re welcome to share with whomever. It’s not got any depth to it at all, just some funnies to bring a smile on those bad days. =)

May the Lord bless you and continue to strengthen you so you can offer strength to others!…His truth is such great comfort, and we who are sick get to experience that beautiful comfort more than most. In that way, suffering is a gift.”

Kimberly Rae
Know your Worth, Change the World

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Our Schedule

July 15 – September 28, 2019

“Joining the Unhealthy Club Involuntarily
The author’s journey to chronic illness
“So What’s Your Problem?”
How to explain your condition with confidence
July 29
Aug 3
“Sit Down and Cry About It”
The real and important process of grieving your loss
“It’s Not Fair!”
How to deal with the unwanted fact that you are no longer healthy
“Running the Red Light”
Learning to respect your body’s warning system
“When the Well-Meaning Annoy You”
What to do when you’re ready to give up
“But You Don’t Look Sick!”
Freedom from the weight of what other people think
“The High Cost of Going…Anywhere”
When the smallest activities become a major issue
“Who Am I Now?”
The loss of your old identity and the presence of this new person you may not like yet
Ch. 10“The Belief Test”
Can chronic health problems be a gift in disguise?
Ch. 11“What Next?”
Moving Forward

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  • Each chapter has 3-7 questions and a short individual activity at the end of each chapter.
  • Each week, we will post a summary of each chapter, along with the questions at the end the chapter for that week.
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All quotes used in our lesson posts are from:
SICK & TIRED: Empathy, Encouragement, and Practical Help
for Those Suffering From Chronic Health Problems
by Kimberly Rae,
published by Lighthouse Publishing of the Carolinas.
Used by permission.