A Gift for Our Bible Study Friends!

When you join our Bible study, you will be sent an email with a link
to download your own PDF copy of LAUGHTER FOR THE SICK & TIRED!

When we wrote to Kimberly Rae for permission to use her SICK & TIRED series for our Bible study, she generously sent us a PDF copy of her entertaining book LAUGHTER FOR THE SICK & TIRED to share with our readers.

Kimberly lives with five annoying (and sometimes serious) health conditions. She shares her medical mishaps and just plain weird experiences, like the time overseas when she learned why diabetes was called “sweet pee”, or the day her Central IV was accidentally put up to her jugular, and the doctor told her he’d fix it…tomorrow!

Along with jokes, fun facts, and true funny stories from chronically ill friends, LAUGHTER FOR THE SICK & TIRED may be just the dose of medicine you need today!

If you live with chronic illness, you will nod your head in recognition to some of the bizarre and outlandish responses we often encounter in the quirky life of chronic illness.

We look forward to having you join us!