About Us

Welcome to Our Christian Studies for Chronic Illness Sufferers

We invite you to read about our ministry, and to join us as we find encouragement and hope through the study of God’s Word. Our Bible Studies are chosen specifically because they minister to those of us who live with chronic illness. Let’s explore and share what God will teach each of us as we study together.

A Special Note:
The beautiful image in our header has a special meaning.
The Iris is the floral symbol of HOPE.
We pray that you find Hope for Your Hurting.

Our Ministry: HopeKeepers®Indy

Established in June 2015, HopeKeepers®Indy is a Christian ministry offering support for those who live with chronic illness – either personally or as a caregiver.

Through supportive website education, resources, and Bible studies, to share hope and faith in Christ, as well as emotional, relational, and practical means to meet the challenges of chronic illness.


  • To seek to glorify God through understanding His purpose for illness in our lives
  • To provide local and online support and education about chronic illness
  • To learn what God’s Word teaches about illness, through Bible studies and discussions
  • To involve others in serving the chronically ill, and to encourage the chronically ill to serve others
  • To further understanding in the church about the daily challenges, sufferings, and struggles of people who live with chronic illness
  • To reach beyond our church doors and bring the message of Christ and his love to our community

Our Key Verse

HopeKeepers®Indy History

I am Marie Miller. I have lived with Multiple Sclerosis since 1980. God has taught me my most important lessons through physical suffering. I spent many years in Christian school teaching and administration, then led twenty ladies’ Bible studies in my home. I understand how our lives are impacted – and blessed – through suffering. Our suffering may become our finest ministry!

JUNE 2015 – JUNE 2019
It was on a Wednesday in April 2015 when God impressed on my heart that I was to begin a new ministry offering support for those who live with chronic illness. The call was clear, the vision was big, and the passion strong!

  • I searched online and found restministries.com, a treasure trove of resources for chronic illness. We purchased resource books from the website.
  • We set up our email address: hopekeepersindy@yahoo.com.
  • We launched our website: hopekeepersindy@wordpress.com.
  • And our Facebook site: facebook.com/hopekeepersindy.
  • And our chronic illness Pinterest site: pinterest.com/hopekeepersindy/
  • We visited 2 other chronic illness support groups to learn from them.
  • We wanted to offer chronic illness sufferers a sanctuary of honesty, understanding, and trust in small-group settings in the Indianapolis area.
  • On June 13, 2015, we held our first meeting at the Brownsburg, IN, School District Building. By September, we were meeting in a member’s fully accessible home on second Saturdays each month.
  • On February 18, 2017, we added a second HKI group at a senior community in Fishers, IN. We met on third Saturdays each month.
  • We published a monthly newsletter “Words of Hope” for two years.

Due to the nature of long-term Multiple Sclerosis, I am now in the Secondary Progressive Phase. I no longer have relapses and remissions, I am in a slow decline, with increasing loss of function. Among many limitations, the most bothersome are steadily worsening double vision, imbalance, and exhaustion. I never know from one day to the next if I will have enough energy to leave my recliner, or if pain and muscle spasms will keep me from leaving my home for weeks at a time. This has necessitated a change in the way we will do future HopeKeepers®Indy ministry. On January 17, 2019, after two years with sweet senior community residents, we tearfully closed our HKI group in Fishers, IN. On June 8, 2019, we held our last on-site meeting in Brownsburg, IN. It was bittersweet after loving these precious friends for four years.



“Hope for the Hurting” Bible Studies

  • Our fresh vision is to have more interaction between HopeKeepers®Indy members locally, as well as outreach to a much wider community through the internet.
  • We are excited about this brand new companion site “HOPE FOR THE HURTING“.
  • We will feature Bible Studies that offer encouragement and support for those who live with chronic illness.
  • This new site will be interlinked with our HKI and Facebook sites.

If you would like to visit our ministry main site, click here:

Affiliation: Rest Ministries®Inc.

HopeKeepers®Indy is affiliated with Rest Ministries® Inc., whose founder is Lisa Copen. Lisa was diagnosed with rheumatoid arthritis, and could find no Christian support groups for chronic illness. She felt God’s calling to start a ministry of encouragement. Since 1996, the Rest Ministries® website has reached hundreds of thousands of people – over 80,000 monthly. There are over now 300 HopeKeepers® small groups that meet across the world.